My past fifty years of Surgical experience has generated increasing knowledge and expertise in abdominal surgery which clarifies my interpretation of the treatment and options of primary and complicated, acute and chronic abdominal problems and treatment by selectively choosing together either Advanced Laparoscopic (Minimized incisions and access, but still very invasive) or Conventional Open Surgical approaches.  (RETIRED - Visit SURGIBLURB)


Performed for 30 years, there are great advantages for most intraabdominal problems like hernias, gallbladder, colon, appendix and more complicated organs. Open techniques are, however, sometimes preferable when considering risk factors, expected extent of major "surgery or the complicating factors and altered anatomy of previous surgeries.  I consider it important to adhere to this paradigm which is important when considering options for primary and recurrent Hernia surgery and other reoperative problems.

Reoperative Surgery


This can involve either Laparoscopic or Open methods, each with different technique, extent of invasion, benefits, expected results and risk.



Some problems are clear, but some symptoms are difficult to diagnose. Realistic expectations after treatment depend on accurate diagnosis. All abdominal surgery considerations require a thorough and detailed evaluation of the patient's complaints, history, past medical history, life style, expectations and anxieties. Risk, benefits and realistic expectation of therapeutic options require time to explain so that we can, together, make the best possible decision. This concept includes every abdominal procedure. Every patient is different.  Consultations are about an hour.

Perioperative Services


Personal availability by cellphone to guide recovery and answer questions until rehabilitation has been accomplished with guidance to other supportive services in coordination with your referring physician.


Other services include second opinions, non-surgical abdominal problems, and advice to other professionals.
The photos above are representative of the service listed.